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"Everyone Whom I Loved The Most Has Left Me; I Am Left Alone In This World ,” The 71-Year-old Cries

All people in the world have been affected by Covid 19 pandemic in one way or another. People have lost their loved one while other have lost their livelihoods due to closure of factories and some sectors of the economy.

Scientists have come up with Covid 19 vaccines but their effects have not be felt. India is one of the nations that were hit by this pandemic. The April and May are the worst months for Indians as far as covid 19 disease is concern.

Radha Gobindo Pramanik and his family were happy about their daughter’s pregnancy. Their happiness did not give them a chance to take note of his wife’s cough. Few days later his wife together with his pregnant daughter-in-law died of Covid 19 disease. This experience may forever haunt him.

“Everyone whom I loved the most has left me...I am left alone in this world now.” Radha Gobindo Pramanik.

Indeed this is a painful experience this old man will never forget for the rest of his life. Let us pray for people like Radha Gobindo Pramanik so that they have a peace of mind.

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