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My Step Dad Took Advantage Of Me When I Was 3 And Buried Alive To Revenge My Mom -Nicki

The 12 years old by the name Nicki was taken advantage of by her step dad and buried alive when she was three nine years later although disabled,it is a miracle that she is still alive.

Nicki was born normal like any other kids her mom had her when she was young so she had her even before getting married when her mother got married she was around one year old.

They lived well till one day when her mom and her step dad quarrelled and got into a disagreement the husband vowed to punish his wife through her child and he did exactly that.

Days after the argument the husband sent the wife to the village and ordered her to leave Nicki with him thinking it was safe she left her three year old daughter.

The husband then took advantage of Nicki and buried her inside a pit thinking that his case was sealed however,as kids were playing near the pit the ball fell inside and when they were removing it they saw Nicki and called for help .

The neighbors rushed Nicki to the hospital and the news reached Nyirohongaire who is her grandmother who went to see her in the hospital she says it filled her to see her grand daughter's Condition.

The grandmother says that Nicki was in a coma for one and a half years and by the time she woke up she had developed a disability since her arms and legs were not functioning .

She took her to the psychiatrist and her condition became better the doctors however says with advanced treatment Nicki can be treated as she is still young but the grandmother cannot afford her treatment.

The grandmother is unemployed and has no one to run to she is therefore pleading with well wishers to help her pay for Nicki's medication so that she can stop crawling and live like other kids.

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