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How Japanese Parents Teach their Kids

Parents have the responsibility of giving their kids healthy food. Japanese parents have an art that gives their kids pleasure to eat. Here are some things you need to learn from Japanese parents on how to serve your kid food.

Let your child experiment and experience a new taste

It is normal for children to get bored with the same eating of foods. This makes them change their eating habits. However, it is good for your child to experience new dishes.

The more your child experience different kinds of healthy food, the more their interests grows into healthier diets. When a kid taste the different samples of meals, the more their taste will develop.

Let them enjoy the very act of eating

When you force your kids to eat, this create a distaste for the food. Remember, you should avoid being strict when it comes to healthy eating. Children should be given ample time to enjoy their meals.

Serve food on smaller plates

Serving children food on smaller plates prevent them from being intimated; by the size of a big plate and the portion served. When you use smaller dishes, you encourage them to self serve their meals, thus helping them to choose whatever they need to eat.

You should allow your kids to participate in cooking process, this allows them to gain more interest when they are about to eat.

Have family meals and keep the kids involved

Japanese parents have the tendency of creating a favourable atmosphere that supports healthy food choices. They regularly have meals together with their kids. They also let their kids to participate in the cooking process. 

How to do a lot of jumping and running

In Japan, people like cycling or taking a brisk wall. This is the most preferred mode of travel for short distances. Japanese parents encourage their kids to take part on physical activities like running and jumping. Exercising physical activities encourage your kids to have a healthy appetite. So, you should exercise the above practices.

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