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Pregnancy period

5 Things All Women Should Know About Depo/Deprovera

Who can use it? How does it work? And What are the side effects?

Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate commonly known as depo is an injectable birth control shot which is progestin only.

The depo vial contains a single shot of 150mg given by intramuscular injection (deltoid muscle) at an interval of 3months 13weeks.

It prevents pregnancy mainly by suppressing ovulation, thickening cervical mucus this prevents sperms from passing through it) and thinning the endometrium which could prevent implantation.

A woman with children multifarious or without nulliparous, those with fibroids, endometrial cancer or benign breast condition. Those with gestational trophoblastic disease. Breastfeeding women should use it 4 weeks after delivery.

Side effects

Menstrual changes irregular bleeding; heavy and prolonged, light spotting or amenorrhea especially after one year of use)

.Weight gain


.Moods wings 

.Abdominal bloating

.Decreased sex drive


Prevents unwanted pregnancies. Contains progestin only therefore no estrogen related effects like cardiac and blood clotting effects.

Decreases sickle cell crisis. Possible protection against uterine fibroids, endometrial cancer and PID.  

Possible prevention of ectopic pregnancy and reduce endometriosis symptoms.

N/B; Different bodies react differently to depo shots therefore it should be given in a facility by a qualified health worker who can guide you in choosing the most appropriate family planning method.

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