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Pregnancy period

10 Misconception about women health that can have serious consequences

Many women are sadly unaware of the way their bodies work. Their ignorance on such a vital subject pushes them to accept and follow the age-old myths or the half-baked information sourced from family, friends, and even the internet. Many times, following these myths can come up with dire consequences.

While it is good to believe in the capabilities and knowledge of our ancestors or friends or family, we also must know that not all information may be true. Some information may have been distorted with the passage of time to such an extent that it can prove dangerous. Read on to know more about these misconceptions pertaining to a woman’s health that we all have heard.

Myth 1: Contraceptive Pills Have No Side Effects

Popping a contraceptive pill is by far the easiest and most popular way to keep unwanted pregnancy away. But did you know that these innocent looking pills also come with a multitude of side effects?. Do not believe in all those commercials that project them to be so promising, nor depend on advice from elders or friends. Some of the side effects of these pills are nausea, headaches, temper tantrums, and irregularity in the menstrual cycle. If you suffer from spells of blackouts, high blood pressure or a rise in sugar levels, you must see the doctor.

Myth 2: One Cannot Get Pregnant While Taking Birth Control

According to experts, a woman can get pregnant while she is on the pill. This accidental pregnancy can be because of missing a dose or forgetting to start a new packet of pills. It is also important to take these pills at a fixed time every day; failing to do so can also lead to pregnancy while on the pill . It is also a very popular myth that one cannot get pregnant soon after stopping the pill, but it is found that a significant number of women do get pregnant within a month of quitting the pills.

Myth 3: All Infections Occur Because Of Poor Hygiene

The female genitalia is well-equipped with destroying the bad bacteria and keeping the good ones alive. However, there is a need to keep the pH balance at an optimum level for this mechanism to work. Choosing a soap that has a pH less than 5 is best to keep those infections at bay.

Myth 4: Miscarriages Are Rare

It is a myth that miscarriages are a rare occurrence. According to research, about 15% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Hence, when you get pregnant, pay more attention to your health.

Myth 5: Nothing Can Be Done About Menstrual Pain

We all have heard this for ages now, haven’t we? That stabbing back pain, those awful stomach cramps, and the fatigue is all a part of the package of being a woman, isn’t it? Thankfully, this is not true. Using a hot water bag, abstaining from alcohol, drinking coffee, and taking ample rest can help a lot. Endometriosis, a medical condition wherein tissue that forms the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, can also be a reason for excruciating menstrual pain. Hence, if a woman faces unbearable pain, it is best to see the doctor .

Myth 6: Menstrual Pain Fades Away Post-Pregnancy

This is a very common thing that most women hear while they are pregnant or soon after they deliver, but for women who undergo the same kind of pain even after having children, well, they know that this is not true.

Myth 7: Women Turn Into Monsters aDuring Periods

We all believe that we turn into monsters, don’t we? But there is no major change in the way a woman feels or thinks during periods.

Myth 8: Second Pregnancy Is The Same As The First.

This is a classic myth that most second-time mums know a tad too well. In most cases, the experience a woman had during her first pregnancy is a lot different than in the second one.

Myth 9: Tampons While Asleep Is Totally Safe

Nope! Sleeping with a tampon on for more than 8 hours is risky. Tampon manufacturers issue warnings of the occurrence of toxic shock syndrome if one keeps the tampon on overnight .

Myth 10: Aging And Sunbathing Aren’t Connected.

Sunbathing can be harmful at any age for it contains ultraviolet rays. Hence, make sure to apply sunscreen while enjoying the sun and sipping a tall glass of mint lemonade.

We have all been living these myths for way too long. Now that you know that they are myths, I am sure life will be a lot more sorted for you. Make sure you consult an expert before popping a pill or doing any self-medication or assuming things inside your body. Following an expert’s advice, staying in tune with one’s body, and saying no to such dangerous myths is the right way to good health.

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