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What Moms Who Went Through C-section Ought To Know

C-section often get a bad rap. As though its an easy way out. Which of course is not true since it involves more risks.

POINT TO NOTE: Moms who underwent C-section should go for a checkup to confirm if they have all their kidney's since its reported that some doctors take them out and sell one of their kidney's.

🛑 A Cesarean is major abdominal surgery that carries its own potential complications. This can include increased risks of infections, blood clots, severe pain, longer recovery period and even additional hospital visits.

And yet moms can be made to feel like they did not actually birth their baby. People often tell c-section mother's, "But you did not give birth the doctors took him from you". It really hurts to hear this right?

🛑Birth is MORE than just how the baby comes out of the body. It doesn't matter how, the before, the during or the after process or rather experience.

I believe that whether a C-section or normal virginal birth they are all the same and both are a miracle.

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