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Pregnancy period

What Does The Dark Straight Line On A Pregnant Woman’s Stomach Mean?

Most women get a dark straight line during pregnancy, and they don’t know what the cause is or why they have such a strange dark line on their stomach when they are pregnant.

The dark line that shows in most pregnant women is called the linea nigra, and it is normal to feel this way when pregnant or after birth.

Reasons why linea nigra appears on a pregnant woman’s stomach?

When a woman is pregnant, there is likely to be a change in hormone levels. During pregnancy, a woman’s body may produce more melanin, and this can cause a dark pregnancy line known as linea nigra. It is most common in women with dark complexions.

How long does it take linea nigra to disappear?

When a woman gives birth, the linea nigra starts to clear off, mostly when the hormone levels return to pre-pregnancy levels. So after birth, it’s normal for the black line on the stomach to disappear. You don’t need any drugs or treatment. It will go on its own naturally. So you don’t have to get scared of using a cream to remove the dark line because such things can cause skin irritation.

Please understand, pregnant women, that linea nigra is not harmful to you or your baby. You don’t need any medical treatment or drugs to get rid of it.

Couples or pregnant women should understand that linea nigra happens during pregnancy because your hormones trigger color changes in your skin. It’s not something to be worried about and usually fades after you give birth. According to Healthline

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