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'I was So Close To Death, I Am A Survivor! ' Raych Opens up about Her Ectopic Pregnancy Journey

EEctopic Pregnancy is the type of pregnancy in which a fertilised egg decided to implant itself outside the uterus. In most cases the fertilised egg attached at the site of fertilisation. It occurs more often in the fallopian tubes. Most common symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy is vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain.

If discovered early Ectopic Pregnancy can be treated with medication but if discovered late, the only option is surgery. One cannot keep an ectopic pregnancy because it can cause your fallopian tubes to rupture and conceiving again could be tough. Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy commonly appears between fourth and the twelfth week of pregnancy. The survival rate in Ectopic Pregnancy is very minimal.

Raych is a famous content creator on You Tube who has decided to come out and speak about her Ectopic Pregnancy Journey in one of her You Tube Vlogs. She is the real definition of a miracle. When she thought all was lost, the Lord decided to bless her again with another pregnancy after she lost her baby through ectopic pregnancy. See the screenshot of her Instagram Stories below.

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