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Pregnancy period

How To Sleep Well When You are Pregnant

Sleeping issues are common during pregnancy . Finding a good sleeping position during pregnancy is challenging and that why some pregnant women worry that certain sleeping positions might affect their health and that of foetus. Some sleeping positions includes ; raising the upper body with a few pillows, elevating the legs with pillow to help reduce swollen legs, using pregnancy pillow to cradle your body and provide additional support .

Many pregnant women worry that sleeping on there stomach will affect their foetus but this is not true because the uterus provides protection. However sleeping with sleeping pillow will allow them to sleep on there stomachs comfortably.

Sleeping on your back puts pressure on the main blood vessel that delivers blood to uterus. Pressure may decreases oxygen supply to the uterus and can also decrease unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness.

Women cannot get equal sleep especially during pregnancy because they may physical and emotional experience fatigue. Doctors can give a good advise on how to sleep well if you find it difficult to adopt this.

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