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Different Types Of Housemates That Will Bring Back Memories Of Your College Days

There are different types of housemates that will bring back memories of your college days.Here are different types of housemates that will bring back memories of your college days.

1.The filthiest.It's not just untidiness that they don't care about; they also don't care about hygiene. They can go days without showering, and you don't recall ever seeing them wash their clothes like the rest of the dorms on Saturday mornings.

2.The person who paid for the room but who you never saw.It's as if they don't exist at all. The room was paid for by their parents, and you know you have a roommate, but they never show up. Indeed, the last time you saw them was when you both started high school.

3.The perfectionist.You wouldn't mind having this roommate. They maintain the room neat and tidy at all times, so you never have to be concerned. The issue arises if they are very clean and tidy.

4.The one who takes everything from others.It's as if you were buying for two people and didn't realize it. Everything from your favorite clothing to a bar of soap is taken. We're talking about people who do their own purchasing and possibly have a lot more than you do, but yet want to utilize your stuff.

5.The hooligan.Because you can't trust them with anything, this is one of the most aggravating types of roommates to have. Your belongings are constantly going missing, despite the fact that you haven't been robbed.

6.The animal of the celebration.They are constantly looking for ways to have a good time. They made partying on campus a lot more fascinating, and spending time with them was anything but boring.

7.The spiritual one.These are the people that attended every religious function on campus and helped arrange several meetings.

8.The ideal one.Not all housemates are horrible. There are those people with whom you instantly connect and who make your time on college feel like bliss.

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