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Meet A Girl Without Hands But Writes With Her Toes, Disability Isn't Inability

Rukia Harun at home in the kitchen holding a cup with her toes.

Children are fruits of the womb and it's every parent's desire to have them so that they can inherit their property and take care of them when old.

However, sometimes children come in forms that parents don't expect whereby some feel really discouraged having given birth.

When the mother of Rukia Harun gave birth 13 years ago, she never imagined that her daughter would amount to anything because she (Harun) didn't have hands.

Harun's story was shared on citizen TV and is really very inspiring to many parents who have disabled children at home.

The girl who is in class six at a school called Harmony in Tana river county is one of the best if what her teacher told Citizen TV is anything to go by.

So how did she overcome her obstacles? Without hands, she has God to thank for giving her legs and toes.

Ever since she was young, she trained her toes to hold things to a point where she could even handle cups.

When she went to school, she applied the same trick by holding a pen with her toes and with that, she can calculate mathematics and write notes.

Rukia's story teaches us that whatever life throughs at us, we can turn it to our advantage. Talk of making lemonade out of lemon.

Below are photos of the girl in action

Rukia holding a cup with her toes.

Rukia in class with fellow learners.

Rukia solving mathematical problems.

Rukia receiving guidance from her teacher.

Indeed disability is not Inability. What are your view on this? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this on our comments platform.

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Harmony Rukia Harun


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