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"Kwani Ni Wanyama" Worrying Photo Of Kids Inside a Personal Car Irks Kenyans

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Barely a week ago, kids went back to school with a number reporting back today after several week's breaks.

Many parents cited harsh times as they were required to part with a huge amount of cash to pay their kids' school fees.

Kenyans have been complaining of harsh economic times with almost all commodities having been hiked.

However, a viral photo uploaded by famous blogging cop Sammy Ondimu has set the internet ablaze with a majority of netizens eliciting mixed reactions.

A huge number of netizens have expressed their concern as to how the kids were being ferried to school like animals.

Sammy called on all parents to treat their kids right and not to allow such kind of Evil treatment to their children.


Kindly parents do not allow your children to travel like this to school.

This is unacceptable.. Yeah I know life imekuwa hard can't but again this is risking lives za watoi.. Who is to blame here?

The parents, director of the school, or the driver?

Please if you know this school or this driver, tusaidiane tukomesha haya maneno.

Sikika ROAD Safety hawa wawe exposed kabisa..seen this picture and nimesikia vibaya kama mzazi..



Parents Parents Parents ...... How many times have we called you? it your responsibility to know how your kids are being transported to school and back home ‼️.....just know the Headmaster and the driver don't care because they are in business and want to make money‼️ you agree with us that you are failing as a parent ?......

The online family has called for the National Transport and Safety Authority-Kenya and National Police Service to act accordingly after the viral photo.


Owino... It is bad when it's the headteacher and the driver of the school is involved .but when it's your children who stood by the roadside and waves for a person to lift them near home or school it a favor?? I have seen children being given lift wanakaliana because we did not gave them transport money .

Anyway I can't judge the this photo unless it was a school bus or van

Mwote.. The driver should be blamed and not the parents nor the teachers or the director the buses and cars goes round estates collecting kids so the parents ain't aware of this nor the director, the driver's knows the carrying capacity of this cars and they're so ignorant about it

Mwanza... This is serious! I would rather walk to work and see my children travel to school in safety. This is unacceptable.

David... I saw the same fate with one of the Nissan of q school I stop questioning the driver but he replied he is under instructions it chilled me though I don't have a kid there it is wrong so wrong

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