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A 60 Year Old Woman Took Me To Her Bedroom Promised To Support Me With My Kids If I Sleep With Her

Joseph has revealed how she fell in the trap of an old woman after his wife left him together with their 3 kids. The woman old enough to be his mother took him to her bedroom and promised to help him financially together with his children if he agrees to sleep with him and become her lover.

He was born in Nyahururu after completing his studies he relocated to Naivasha where he was employed as a delivery man.while there he got into a relationship with a lady which ended into a marriage. They were blessed with 3 kids,according to him their marriage was ok until he got involved in an accident which left one of his leg fractured.

The wife changed after a month since she was the one responsible to buy food and pay the rent since Joseph couldn't go to work.Yhe wife started going late in the house and whenever he tried to ask her where she was ,she couldinsult her.One day she went and didn't return for two days,he called her and upon asking where she was he was told that she got married.

He informed his Inlaws who told him to solve their misunderstandings without involving them. Joseph had to beg his neighbors to help them with food since his leg had not healed. A woman who had a manssion outside their plot offered to help him.She could given food and money for a week.One day she welcomed him and the kids in the house,she prepared special meal for them.

He later told her househelp to take the kids to pray Inorder to speak with Joseph. She went to where he was sitted and started touching Inappropriately. She held his hand and took him to her bedroom she asked him to sleep with her Inorder to be able to support them in everything they needed. Joseph asked her to allow her to go home first he would return without kids Inorder to escape.

She gave him 3 thousands shillings and some food stuffs.After going home,he decided to relocate to another estate to run away from the woman who wanted to destroy his life.

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