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Ways to Get Through the Tough Experience of First Time Motherhood

Motherhood can be quite overwhelming to a first timer.There are various ways one can use to relieve the stress that comes with it.

Take breaks in between;don't overwork or think about it too much,if you can afford a helping hand go for it.The extra help ensures you replenish your lost energy.

Take a nap; for anyone who has had a baby we might share the experience of how some newborns can be terrifying through constant crying from dawn to dusk.Always take a nap in between when it gives you the chance to do so.

Engage in a new activity;avoid the mundane lifestyle as this causes boredom and might lead to depression over time.A new mother can engage in various activities such as jogging or hitting the gym once in a while to loose the baby fat as well as shed some weight gained during the period of breastfeeding.

Join a club or chamma;bear in mind that the people you sorround yourself with should be mothers.Tgey can share their experiences on their motherhood journey .As you tag along you will realise that you might probably be going through the same experiences thus reducing the guilt of am I doing it wrong.

Lastly hydrate;very important as you loose more water through breastfeeding.Drinking at least six glasses a day can beat the thirst .

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