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Pregnancy period

Having Problems With Your Pregnancy Weeks Follow up? Here is What You Should Know

Pregnancy is a long journey of about one to fourty weeks .It must be a very long journey for the expectant mothers.You might be having Problems knowing about your weeks of pregnancy.Worry no more because I am going to take you through all the steps of your pregnancy period.

There are changes that occur at different parts of the body which are

The uterus




Renal System

Intestinal System

1. Uterus

There is growth in size.At six weeks the uterus is at its original size.

12 weeks at Midway between globular and pear.

18 weeks the fundus is below the umblicus

22-24 weeks the fundus is at the umblicus

30 weeks the lower uterine segment can be identified though it is still incomplete anatomically.

At 36 weeks the mother will experience difficulties in breathing and digestion.

38 weeks the lower uterine segment completely develops.

At 40 weeks the uterus is ready for labour

The mother looks tired and feels tired oftenly

Back ache

She experience joint pains especially when walking.

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Intestinal System Midway Renal System Uterus


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