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"I Never Want to Have Children" Lady Says as She Asks For Society to understand Her

Too many "I never want to have children" is the kind of statement that often prompts total disbelief. Especially when coming from a woman.

But those are exactly the words of Muthoni Gitau, a lady who, unlike other women who consider having children as a dream come true.

She has made a conscious decision to never having children and she hopes society does not badly judge her.

During an interview with Lynn Ngugi, Muthoni Gitau revealed She's chosen to be childfree by choice, and despite being confident in her decision, she is constantly undermined by people in the society who mostly label her as selfish and immature.

Others go ahead and advise her to get married to a white man, for the whites are most likely to agree to such choices.

Muthoni who is a content creator revealed this while urging society to learn to be understanding and respectful to other people's decisions.

Photo of Muthoni Gitau and Lynn Ngugi

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