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How to Make Home Made Yoghurt

With hard economic times many a parent is just frustrated not knowing how to remain afloat under the financial quagmire.

Jobs opportunities are becoming so elusive . With kids around whose appetites have hit the rooftops , we as parents need come up with innovative methods of nourishing these little ones without digging so deep into the pockets. We need not break banks so as to put a plate on the table.

Let's get down to serious business and see how we can try cut costs where possible

We are today making some rich and yummy yogurt.


Fresh milk

A clean sufuria

A charcoal jiko or a gas cooker . You still can use any type of fuel affordable to you for cooking.

Sugar (optional)

Flavour of your choice.

Fridge ( it can)

Clean storing jerrican.

A sieve.

Please you'll note that I have simplified the method if preparing so that the activity favours anyone out there.


Set your apparatus within your reach and in a hygienic environment.

Using a sterilized sieve and sufuria, sieve milk into the sufuria.

Put it on fire and boil it under medium heat while stirring untill it boils.

Remove it from fire and allow it to cool.

You may forcefully cool it by letting the sufuria stand in a larger sufuria of cold water.

Once the milt is just tepid pour a small portion into a cleaning cup and add a very small pinch of yoghurt culture . For 5 litres I usually do a fifth teaspoonful of culture.

Stir in the small amount you had set aside and once you think it's done pour into the rest of the milk.

Sieve the entire milk and in some clean thermos flasks pour the content

Set your thermos flasks aside for about 24 hours.

Once time is up, get a clean sufuria or milk can and pour in your ready yoghurt. It's thick !

I usually use a porridge whisk to beat it into smooth and consistent yoghurt. At this stage you may choose your flavour or sweetener to suit your taste buds. Refrigerate it to stop it from further fermentation. You may opt to deep it in cold water instead.


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