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The Complications Of Constipation In Children No Parent Should Ignore

Constipation can become a severe condition if it's not taken care of in time. The stool can get harder and it can start irritating and later starts tearing the lining of the anus leading to anal fissure.( photo; only for the purpose of illustration).

Constipation can also make it difficult for your child to have a bowel movement and also unable to do normal activities, because of the pain.(photo courtesy; Google)

At times, red and swollen veins may appear around the rectum. Severe abdominal pain accompanied by fever and vomiting might also be part of the complications.

As a parent or guardian, you shouldn't let it get this far. Immediately your child starts Passing hard stools and Experiencing a consistent abdominal pain, don't hesitate to seek for quick Medical attention.

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