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Dear parents; learn to say these words to your child

Growing up, there are things our parents said to us that moulded the person we are today. Not to say you should be perfect, but your child desires to hear certain words from you as a parent. Whatever is said to a person has an impact in their future life so choose to say the right words. They say the tongue has power and i have come to realise that it is true.

As a result, here is list of the words you should say to your child

1. I love you and i cannot imagine my life without you.

2. Thanks for being such a great kid

3. You make me laugh and happy

4. You are very thoughful

5. You are so brave

6. I just know you are going to be successful.

7. I appreciate the young man/woman you are becoming.

8. You are so handsome/beautiful

9. I am really proud of you

10. I will always be there for you

11. You are a great example

12. God created you for a special purpose

13. You did that? You are amazing

14. What a great idea.

15. You have no limits on what you can accomplish.

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