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Why pregnant mothers fears getting infected with Zika Virus

In may 2015, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) issued an alert regarding the first confirmed zika virus infections in Brazil.

Currently, outbreaks are occurring in many countries and territories.

This virus is classified as a member of the Yellow Fever Virus group (YFV).

Prior to 2015, Zika virus outbreaks occurred in areas of Africa, South east Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Zika virus has been isolated from Aedes mosquitoes in the central African Republic, Gabon, Ivory coast, Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda as well as Asia.

This virus is also suspected to be distributed in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan.

Despite the relatively high seroprevence in many parts of Africa, overt infections in humans have been few.

Human infection is characterized by fever, malaise and rash.

MICROCEPHALY is the recent most clinical suspension causing a scare in pregnant mothers.

Vertebrate hosts are poorly known, but birds and rodents have been suspected.

Monkeys have been considered the vertebrate hosts in the transmission in nature.

No local mosquito-borne zika virus disease cases have been reported in Kenya so far.

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