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Vera Sidika Explains Why She Didn't Have Fake Nails On All Her Fingers During Surgery

The beautiful and curvaceous Vera is now a proud mom. However, she is not ready to ignore some haters who still believe she has a surrogate and all the delivery videos were stage-managed.

So, the criticizing started when she walked into the hospital for delivery with flawless makeup and long fake nails. However looking closely at the photos and videos, one could easily notice that her second finger on the right hand didn't have the acrylic nail. Seems people questioned because earlier on her IG stories, she explained that she deliberately left the finger because doctors needed it for monitoring both before and after surgery. She added that she had surgeries before so she went to theatre fully readied.

Despite swearing that she is feeling zero pain, Vera is still in the hospital three days after her daughter's delivery. It's also not clear if she will be discharged anytime soon or until she has fully recovered.

Maybe people should just let her be already. They are making her explain and defend herself a lot when the baby needs her attention. Vera should ignore them too.

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Vera Vera Sidika


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