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My Siblings And I Are Afraid Of Giving Birth Because Of Our Family’s Health Condition

Some situations are very scarely in this life. Milkah Wambui shares her experience in this.

Milkah was born and raised in Nyeri County. She is the eighth child among ten kids. In her growing up she found an abnormal situation among her elder siblings.

Her brothers started by limping and dragging their legs but to the very end they would end up being unable to walk. Seeing the situation their father abandoned them and became a visitor at his own home.

Whenever he visited he was always violent towards his wife and kids. The situation worsened after two of her brothers died depressing her mom even more. Unfortunately, she passed away due to stress leaving her other two kids unable to make any movement.

Milkah and one of her sisters later got married not far from home. To their dismay, the condition fell on their male kids and they started walking like their uncles. Her son even developed a heart condition that requires much money for treatment.

‘’We have tried to seek help everywhere but nothing is changing,’’ she says. It has reached a point where Milkah and her siblings are afraid of giving birth because of their family’s condition.

Her humble request is for well-wishers to support her in getting treatment for her son. Also, she needs spiritual support from anyone who feels they can be of help to her family.

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Milkah Milkah Wambui Nyeri County


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