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Opinion: The Best Parenting Style for Your Kid

Parents have a responsibility to raise their children and mold them into strong characters that would make future leaders. Parenting style is a psychological construct that constitutes basic strategies that a parent uses in child upbringing hence a representation of how parents respond to and make demands on their children. Therefore, parenting styles can be classified as authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. Each of these parental styles takes a different approach to raise children and can be identified by several different characteristics.

The authoritarian parenting style sees a child following rules from the parents without expression. Here, a parent seldom negotiates with a child, and their focus is on obedience. The authoritarian parent makes rules and enforces them with little regard for the child’s opinion. Additionally, rather than make their children make good choices, the authoritarian parent makes their kids feel sorry for mistakes, hence use punishments instead of discipline.

The authoritative parenting style sets rules and consequences for the children but also takes the children’s opinions into account. Here, parents invest their time and energy in controlling their children’s behavior at a tender age. Additionally, they affirm their children’s feelings while making it clear that they are ultimately in charge. The authoritative parent also reinforces good behavior by using positive discipline strategies such as praise and reward systems. 

Permissive parenting style is characterized by leniency from parents who set rules for the children but rarely enforce them. The permissive parent makes use of consequences on their children, though they may not make those consequences stick. They are also quite forgiving and only intercede when there’s a serious problem. Additionally, they may give back privileges to the child if they beg or promise to be good.

An uninvolved parenting style is characterized by parents' neglect, though not intentional, and their little knowledge of what their children are doing. The uninvolved parents tend to set a few rules on their children and make no serious follow-up. Additionally, they do not devote their time and energy to meeting their children’s basic needs hence expect children to raise themselves.

In my opinion, the character and behavior of a child are determined by parenting style. However, authoritative parents are the most effective in parenting. They can raise and nurture children in all sorts of ways such as academic, social-emotional, and behavioral. Just like authoritarian parents, authoritative parents demand a lot from their children, and also expect more from their behavior.  

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