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Pregnancy period

Pregnant Women Should Do These to give Birth to Intelligent Babies

It is the joy of every mother to conceive and give birth to an intelligent baby, there are several things you can do to get one and they include the following;

(Photo courtesy of William Fortunato from Pexels): Little baby being guided to read: For illustration purposes only.

1. Ensure you eat healthy food

Food that you eat is very important, you need to eat healthy foods which include plenty of fruits and vegetables for healthy growth and development of your baby inside the womb, healthy meals improve baby's brain development. The foetal brain also requires some of the essential nutrients like omega-3 and fatty acids for brain development, these include leafy greens, beans, oil and ghee.

2. Get enough sunshine

Vitamin D is essential for healthy borns and teeth as the mother also passes it to the growing baby, lack of enough sunshine can lead to autism in infants therefore it is very important to get enough sunshine.

3. Always talk to your baby while massaging your belly

engaging your baby inside the womb has good benefits as the baby can distinguish different sounds, they easily recognize their mother's voice even outside the womb this will boost their brain development, gently massaging your belly will also stimulate your baby to be able to respond to stimuli with increasing activities.

(Photo courtesy of William Fortunato from Pexels): Pregnant woman massaging her belly: For illustration purposes only.

4. Exercise your body

there are chemicals that are released inside your body called endorphins also called the feel-good chemicals that you pass to your growing fetus they aid in the development of the baby's brain.

{Photo courtesy of Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels}: Pregnant woman exercising: For illustration purposes only.

5. Consume foods with a choline content

these are meals that will have the best benefits for your babies long term memory growth, the best example are eggs.

6. Make sure you take the folate supplements

they are in form of tablets or syrup that is prescribed by a medical doctor it is always very important to consume them if you are planning to get pregnant and even the first period of your pregnancy to the eighth week, these supplements help to reduce the chances of autism and neural defects in infants.

7. Avoid being exposed to toxins and infections, examples are mercury, lead, insecticides e.t.c that can cause developmental defects.

8. Avoid alcohol consumption that can cause brain development disorders in the fetus, instead drink healthy drinks with plenty of water

when you keenly follow the above tips you are likely to conceive an intelligent and healthy baby.

All the best to all future mums.

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