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You Are NOT a Loving Father If You Cannot do The Following 8 Things to Your Children

Being a loving father depends on the interactions you have with your children and even those who are so close and important to them. Making a good father is simple. Just do the following to your children;

1. Loving fathers love their children's mothers. This is the best you can give to your children. Love your wife without reservation. If you are divorced, treat your children's mother with respect and love even if it is not reciprocated.

2. Love your children unconditional. Make sure that your children know that you love them. The love accorded must also be equal to all children regardless of their condition.

3. Grow up. This is not done for the kids but the parent. You must be able to make difficult decisions and handle tricky situations.

4. Quality time. Quality is different from quantity. Everyone has 24 hours. The only thing that will make you the best father is making your time count. Time is precious. Use it to do something constructive.

5. Provide. This can be difficult mostly when jobs are lacking. Try your best to ensure that your children do not lack anything.

6. Discipline. Children like and appreciate an even hand, balanced and love-drenched discipline.

7. Value education. Personally, this is the main reason why I love and respect my dad. A good father will always invest first in the education of his kids. This is different from gambling because education is acquired. Take them to quality schools if you can do so.

8. Teach them to take responsibility. The most successful children are those who know how to duck responsibility and avoid the cost. The best fathers make sure their children learn how to own up, clean up and move forward.

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