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5 Hidden Reasons On Why You Can Not Concieve So Easily

You and your partner have tried to Concieve but in vain. It has reached a point you feel stressed,lonely and desperate because what you want is just to yourself pregnant. God is the one that gives be patient on him he will do it when the right time comes.

As time goes by you will finally come to a realization that fertility is tricky. But am going to share with you the hidden secrets of why you can get pregnant even if you have tried severally.

Consuming Too Many Trans Fats

There are good fats and there are bad fats, but ‘trans fats’ happen to be the worst.Certain dairy and meat products contain tiny amounts of organically occurring trans fats. However, the majority of trans fats are formed through an artificial, industrial process where hydrogen is added to vegetable oil causing the oil to become solid at room temperature.

Not only can trans fats increase your LDL (read: bad cholesterol) and decrease your HDL (read: good cholesterol) levels, studies reveal it can also have an adverse effect on fertility . Basically, it hinders ovulation, which is simple math, really – no egg means no baby. Hence, try limiting your consumption of trans fat-rich foods such as pizzas, chips, fried foods and baked goodies.

Doing strenuous Exercise

Exercising can help improve your odds of getting pregnant to a certain extent. However, over-exercising Not that much. In fact, studies reveal that exercising too strenuously could actually have the opposite effect on your reproductive cycle, thereby hindering your chances of conceiving.

Having A Lower BMI

We’re all aware that a higher than normal BMI doesn’t exactly help fertility, but did you know that it goes the same for lower than normal BMIs as well? A BMI that falls in the lower end of the body mass index spectrum can raise a woman’s risk for infertility, preterm births and also ovarian dysfunction. Studies have also shown that eating disorders that are often associated with lower BMIs can, at times, adversely impact a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Being Stressed or your partner stressed

If your man is suffering from stress, it may very well affect your chances of conceiving. Stress can reduce the overall quality of his fluids. it could result in him having fewer fluid cells or even negatively impact the function of his swimmers, in terms of how far or fast his fluid can swim. Additionally, stress can also put a damper on a couple’s intimate life. If your partner has been feeling the pressure more intensely than what is considered normal.

You don't know how to calculate your fertile days.

Counting fertile days is a challenge to many.If your periods are irregular, then it can be rather tough making accurate predictions but you can check a doctor to help you come regular.

These are hidden secrets that might prevent you from Concieving. Thank you.

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