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Mistakes To Avoid When Bathing Your Baby

 It is every parent's joy to welcome a little one in their family, take care of them and watch them grow. Even though parenting comes with some challenges, parents have to ensure the safety of their little ones. Since little babies are so tiny and delicate, it can be so terrifying and stressful to bathe them. Watch out for these mistakes when bathing your little one;

1. Using too much water

Your baby does not need a tub or basin full of water. Keeping the water level above your baby's knees is just enough to wash his/her body and hair hence without covering their face.

2. Washing your baby in unclean tub or basin

Your baby's immune system is very sensitive and not as strong as yours. It is important that you ensure that the tub or basin you are using is clean. Otherwise, you will expose your child to skin irritation and different infections.

3. Not checking the water temperature

You should never place your baby in a tub or a basin without checking the temperature of the water. It might be very cold or hot which can result in either sickness or irritations. Make sure the water is lukewarm.

4. Leaving your baby unattended 

It is very important to give much attention to your child during bath time. This is because accidents happen very fast and your baby can be prone to drowning. Prepare everything you need before your baby's bathe time.

5. Not drying the baby completely

If you do not dry your baby completely, there is a risk of either becoming sick from the water that remains on the skin or skin irritations due to soap residues.

6.Forgetting to clean the vital parts

Newborns don’t have to bathe every day. But when you do bath them, you don’t want to forget some parts like the nether regions. Washing the area after urination and bowel movement helps in preventing diaper rash and infections.

7.Bathing with the baby

Bath time is great time to bond with your little one. But having them join you in the bathtub is definitely not a good idea. Their skin is quite sensitive and might react from the regular soaps you use.

8.Using Too Much Soap

There are so many baby bathing products on the market that it can be hard to choose what will be best. Looking over the ingredient list and doing research cannot hurt. Parents tend to dry out their baby’s skin by using too much soap and cleansers that are just not gentle for that delicate skin. There are many additives found in baby soap that can be drying on the baby’s skin. Babies are little, and soap can go a long way, so a nickel sized dollop can be enough to wash that little cutie. Not every soap works well with every baby’s skin either, and some parents may need to try different brands and formulas before finding the perfect fit.

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