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Pregnancy period

Easy Ways To Help Relieve Back Pains and Lower Limbs Swelling During Pregnancy

It is very common to have aches and pains during pregnancy especially in the second and third trimester. The most common causes of these pains include:the round ligament pain that wraps from the top of the uterus down to the groin that begins to stretch as the baby bump size increases ,pressure from your baby's weight that increases the pressure on the nerves, constipation which is caused by the hormones and iron supplements that slows down the digestive tract and many more. Swelling of the legs is usually evident from the 22nd-27th week and can last until birth. It's caused by compression of the blood vessels that drains the lower limbs.

The following ways can help a lot to ease these problems:

1.Sleep on your left side.

This is best and most recommended position for the pregnant women. If unable to, you can use pillows to help you maintain the position. It helps the baby get nutrients adequately and prevent stomach upset.

Sleeping on the right side sometimes it's okay but should not be done for long. Sleeping on this side may lead to the uterus pressing on liver which may lead to pain on that region.

If possible avoid sleeping on your back. This position may feel relieving but it does more harm than good to you. The weight of baby lies on the blood vessels that takes blood back to the heart and may also affect your breathing and you find yourself waking up every now and then to take deep breaths.

2.Keep gently active.

A daily walk for shorter distance or a distance you can tolerate may help reduce leg cramps. Exercises and yoga helps keep flexibility of the body and this may help in sleep and reducing of the lower back pains.

3.Complete rotations exercise of the ankles helps improve it's blood supply and reduce swelling.

4.Regular elevation of the legs with a pillow also helps blood to flow back to the heart therefore minimising lower limbs swelling.

5.Wearing flat comfortable and supportive shoes is recommended during pregnancy. High heels may results to falls and harm to both the mother and baby, this is because during pregnancy, the center of gravity tend to change hence it may be hard to balance oneself.

6. For the constipation pain,its advisable to take a lot of fluids as tolerated and increase intake of foods rich in fiber.

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