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The Five Love Languages Ideas for Kids You Need to Know

Every parents goal in parenting is to make their child feel loved and appreciated. Here are the five ways you can express your love to your child;

1.Words of affirmation

- Tell your children you love them daily.

- Let them know how proud you are of them regularly.

- Find reasons to congratulate and encourage them.

- Try to avoid harmful words and tones in your voice.

2.Acts of service

- Help them clean their room

- Teach them something new

- Help with their homework

3. Touch

- Hug them daily

- Show them that you also enjoy cuddle time

- Hold their hand while walking through the park or store

4. Gifts

- Surprise them with gifts and parties on their special occasions

- Reward them for good behaviour

- Get them new clothes for special occasions

5.Quality time

- Spend quality time together

- Play a game they like

- Cook with them. Let them learn from you.

- Watch a show or a movie for children that they enjoy.

As a parent, which of the above love languages do you think your child loves most? Please leave a comment below and share.

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Five Love Languages Touch


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