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Unimaginable Things I Did With Different Men That I Regret Today. They Have Affected My Life- Neema

Neema( not her name) from Nairobi candidly shares the horrible things she did with her relatives that have affected her life negatively today.

According to her she was born in Nairobi in a wealthy family. She was raised together with her cousins who visited their home regularly. She says whenever they came they made her watch explicit videos on their phones and later sleep with her.

This went on for a long time until when she was older. She moved in with one of her uncle's and he occasionally forced her to sleep with him when he was at home. She didn't inform her parents at any case and she became used to it.

She says that after she joined highschool she had a relationship with her teachers including one who got her pregnant. To prevent her parents from finding out she bought medication and aborted the pregnancy. She got pregnant again from another teacher and she aborted the second pregnancy.

She finished her secondary education and her behavior worsened. She was in denial and. She had low self-esteem. She fell inlove with any man who gave her attention. She had several relationship with different men after highschool and she continued while in the university.

She says that she started dating married men. She recalls a day she met a man who told her that his wife had passe away. They dated for months ad. They moved in together. She was shocked when his wife came to their house adm mercylessly beat her accusing her of ruining her marriage.

'I thought that I had finally met my husband not knowing he was still married." She says.

She lost hope in marriage and she wished she wasn't born until one day when she met a man who treated her well. They started dating and they got married soon after. They live together but she is bitter with herself.

She doesn't trust men and she hates herself for sleeping with different men a d she is appealing for help from anyone who can offer her counselling and she can overcome her low self-esteem.

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