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I Used To Quarrel With My Parents Concerning Pocket Money In Campus But Opera Changed My Life

When I joined campus, I used to face hardships in getting pocket money to cater for my basic needs. This hardships made me to quarrel with parents most of the time they failed to send me money since I wanted to be like other friends of mine who were wearing nice clothes and staying in a good life.

However, once a friend of mine introduced me to opera, my life changed. I was taught that opera can change your life through writing of articles. In the start, I used to face hardship in writing those articles due to not being creative hence most of my articles were being rejected.

However, as time continues, I developed my creativity on how to become a good creator in writing articles and that's how I started to earn money. That money has really changed my life so much and from that time I stopped asking for pocket money from my parents since I become responsible for all my basic needs without asking anybody to give me money.

From this, I am really happy for my mentor and I will ensure that I become a mentor to other people. Please share this information to other people, like and leave your comments on this.

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