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Zuchu Reveals She Was Raised By a Single Parent as She Promises This

As much as both parents love is so important to the well-being of a child, not Everyone is so lucky to experience it because, most of the time, men choose to be deadbeats while sometimes it's just unavoidable as some pass on while the kids are still very young hence leaving the burden. So dear reader, never ever look down or insult a single mother who goes to any extend to feed and provide for her children because, you never know the cause of their situation.

So earlier today, Zuchu revealed that she was also a victim of the same, meaning she understands just too well what the single mothers go through. So she promised to share the little she has with atleast a hundred affected women on Thursday 1st of July 2021 in Zanzibar.

Zuchu, is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter signed to WCB Wasafi record label. She was awarded the Silver Plaque Button by YouTube for hitting 100,000 subscribers within a week of joining the platform and a gold plaque not long ago after surpassing 1 million subscribers.

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