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"Natural Family Planning Never Failed" Couple Narrates, Reveals How One Can Select Child's Gender

Family planning is particularly used to regulate the number of children one wishes to have.However there are several types of family planning depending on one's preference, gender and availability.Natural family planning involves regulating the body hormones without using any form of medication.

However Mr and Mrs Muranga has narrated how they have been managing to use the natural family planning.This couple has been together for 50 years and are blessed with four children.Moreover they reveals that while using the family planning method it is possible to chose the sex of a child.This is through understanding the entire menstrual cycle of a woman, to detect the possible days to become pregnant for a specific gender. Indeed they reveals that the gender of their last three children was made possible by using natural family planning.The couple was hosted live at Metha ya Kagoni channel.What is your view regarding this? Kindly share your comment.

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