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Pregnancy period

6 Ways to Bond With Your Unborn Baby Check Number 6

Pregnancy is just the first step of a life long process. Most of the people just think that pregnancy is about eating a balanced diet but it isn't. You should bond with your unborn child. Below there are ways to bond with your unborn child.

1:Get Dad involved: Have Dad talk to baby and rub baby belly every night. Another way is for mom and dad to cuddle naked with Dads belly against your baby belly. Baby can feel the love and warmth between parents and know that he or she is loved.

2:Talk To Your Baby: It may feel a bit weird chatting with your baby bump, but it will work wonders. Research proves that once your baby crosses 23 weeks of age, he can hear sounds from within and outside your womb. Speaking to your baby during this stage can help him get familiar with your voice and ensure his natural attachment towards you. He may also pay more attention to your voice after birth.

3:Try antennal Yoga: You may enroll in a yoga class after the first 14 weeks of your pregnancy. Pregnancy yoga can help your body get ready for childbirth. You can learn many different postures and breathing techniques that may be of help during your labor. Antennal Yoga is a type of Yoga practiced during pregnancy and helps to relax your mind and body and experience oneness with your little one.

4:Take Baby Bump photos: Have your partner take a picture of your belly each week to see the progression of how you are changing and how big baby is getting. Maybe even book a professional photoshoot to provide you with photos that you can cherish forever. As baby gets older, he or she will really appreciate these small things that mommy and daddy have done.

5: Respond to your Unborn baby's kicks: You may start to feel your baby’s movements from about 18 weeks to 20 weeks if this is your first baby. Feeling your growing baby move can be wonderfully reassuring after weeks of having no idea what they are getting up to in there. Responding to your Unborn baby's kicks is about as close as you will get to two-way communication before they are born. And you can do it at any time, wherever you are. Rub your bumb when your baby moves and you may find that your baby kicks back at you. There’s nothing quite as exciting as feeling your growing baby respond to your touch for the very first time.

6:Massage Your Bump: Massaging your belly during pregnancy, particularly during the first three months helps strengthen the bond between you and your baby. You may use a moisturizer or a light oil to massage your tummy, which can be soothing for both you and your baby. It will also possibly help you relax and be more positive about your pregnancy.

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