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Reasons You Should Give Your Child a Healthy Diet

Giving your child a heathy diet prevents them from getting developmental problems while growing up. Cases of child malnutrition and cases like kwashiorkor are a have a severe damage to the life of a little star.

Some problems like mental retardation can develop in child even if he or she was born a healthy child. Mental retardation reduces the ability of a child to successfully perform academically or in the social and communal work at large. Lead (Pb) poisoning is aslo a key agent if mental retardation. This can be reduced by eliminating lead producing agents such as desel engines and also using environmental friendly sources of energy.

Children are also prone to environmental radiation and it is necessary to ensure that they face no harm.

A child's mental hygiene can be ensured by keeping the in peaceful home environment. This can be done by parents by strictly ensuring that disputes are solved in an humane way.

Expectant mothers are also advised not to take alcohol during pregnancy.

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