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Possible Causes Of Infertility In Men.

Studies have shown a connection between infertility and our common habits and lifestyle. A number of the diet we consume have the ability to make fertility poorer in both men and women.

Excessive smoking.

It makes your body weaker by destroying your body cells and makes sperms inviable. There one won't be able to reproduction.

High body sugar level.

Men sure always check and ensure that their body sugar level is controlled. Having high sugar level and diabetes leads to abnormal sperm parameters. These can be controlled by doing some exercises, proper diet and medication.

Too much temperature places.

Too much temperature makes you uncomfortable and is able to destroy body cells. This include taking hot showers, fire places and placing electric gadgets directly on you thighs or any other body parts. Wearing tight underwear and trousers and heavy clothing.

Driving automotive for many years.

Trucks , cars, bicycles and motorbikes driving is a threat to reproduction in men.It does so by denying the reproduction areas cool and comfortable environment.

Excessive alcoholism.

Minimize the intake of alcohol because to much of it makes your body weak and much shaking of the body.

Food to avoid.

Avoid high cholesterol , fried and fatty food for instance red meat, butter, ghee cheese among others.

Minimize the consumption of carbohydrates. Use brown bread instead of white bread and avoid white sugar.

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