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Own a peace of land Follow the steps and thank me later.

Truth be told owning a shamba is crucial and everyone ought to have done or thinking of.Don't rely on living in town all of ur life time and leave your children suffer with nowhere they can call home.Benefits of owning a shamba are uncountable.Look at this shamba always appreciates in price,

One can invest in the shamba through agribusiness agroforestly also you can lease to the ones who want to use it .

No matter how low your earning you can manage to safe and buy @least quarter an acre which is @least 100k -350k depending with the area you want to buy.

You need to be having a good sacco or group which you save as low as 100-1000 shilings per month or a week depending on your earnings.

1.Avoid being extravagance on ur money, peer pressure from friends who tends to accompany you in clubs using enticing words of encouraging you to use more money.

2.Keep off friends who you don't have common goals who always mislead you and who lack ideas to thrive in this life.

3.My fellow youths you think you have more time but time is now to make an effort to get what you deserve in this life.

4.Don't focus on how your peers say of you or other people in the village be yourself and unique.

5. Start to save as little money as you can don't be deceived that you must be earning much for you to save and but what you want.

6. Be a listener take in what is important and discard what is not good for you.

7. Take risks invest with the little ur getting have chicken or a cow if ur living in rural but living in town buy one end keep it in your parent homestead you will sell it at high price to help you add on what you had saved.

success is in your hands utilize any opportunity which comes around which doesn't affect other peoples life .I mean dont let other people suffer,for you to use the opportunity. Be true.

Do good and right and God will bless the work of your hands

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