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Are the biological parents important in the adopted children's' life?

Do biological parents mean so much that the parents who raised you? that's the question asked frequently. this question is debated frequently in society as some people say that biological parents have more rights to a child than the parents who raised the child. while other people say that the parent that raised the child have more right to the child than the biological parents as they put more effort in shaping the child on who he/she in the society.

Though some of the biological parents may have a valid reason for giving away their child, the raising parents have a right to the child as they are the ones who mold the children and provide for their day-to-day needs. It also takes more than strength and money in accepting a child who does not share the same DNA. In this case the child can get to know the biological parent and also the raising parent as they are both important part of his/her existence.

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