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Facts:See The Effects Of Too Much Homework That A Child Receives

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Many schools have been giving learners home during holidays or overnight for learners who are day scholars. Did you know that Too much home work can affect your child in one way or another? It my hope that you should know. In this article we are going to dig into negative effects of giving a child too much homework. According to the post in one of the pages dealing with life facts, "The more homework that a child receives, the more likely that child is to suffer from depression".

Secondly Homework it has been proven that too much homework can affect learners' both physical and mental health.

Finally Too much homework can lead to lack of sleep, headaches, and can also lead to weight loss. The last in this list Having too much homework can lead to poor eating habit to the learner. Please do not forget to leave your comments below, and also click the share button if you see this information helpful to you.

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