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12 Signs Of Autism In Children

Autism is a developmental disorder whose symptoms appear within the first three years of development of life. It is also formally known as ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. The word spectrum is used because it appears in different forms and at varying levels.

So, understanding what it is and its effect, will precisely make you understand and know well those individuals who live with it.

Its symptoms are different from one person to another. So, each individual with Autism, experiences their own unique symptoms. 

Autism, is described using two main symptoms.

The first symptom is recessed social conversation and interactions and the second one is, restricted, repetitive activities, interests or traits.

Individuals especially children diagnosed with Autism, may show different varieties of symptoms. The symptoms include:

1. Indifference in reaction to temperatures and light or other stimulations.

2. Reduced eye contacts

3. Children may find it hard to connect with other children of their age.

4. They may seem fascinating with a specific type of an object or a toy.

5. The children react to their name. 

6. They may seem to seek a certain sensory or texture to focus on.

7. Repeating words for a very long time.

8. The children may recite alphabets or numbers without using phrases.

9. They may lack facial expressions such as smiling.

10. Tiptoeing is also common in children with ASD.

11. They may also experience speech delay.

12. Some may even not play pretend especially when you have no one to compare with your child. 

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