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How Promises you Break can Affect your Child

Parents at one point have made promises to their kids; we mean the world to them and when we let them down this becomes a tragedy. Here are some of the effects of breaking a promise to children

They start seeing you as a liar

When you tell a kid that you will do something for them and it fails to happen then you were just lying to them. We teach them to be hones but sometimes they learn how to lie from us. They also have feelings too, so when you fail them, they will be hurt and feel betrayed

They may think they do not matter

When we make promises to the kids, we have no intentions of hurting them and when we suddenly fail to do what is expected they will be hurt where they will think that you put what is important to them at the end of the list and finally forget about it. To be a good example and a hero to your kid, always keep your promises no matter what 

They will break their own promises

Children look up to their parents since they are their closest role models, so when they keep on breaking their promises, children might think that this is a normal thing to do and start following the pattern. No one would ever want to raise a kid to be a liar.

They will lose trust and respect in us

Our children feel more connected and have trust in us when we do what we say. When this trust is betrayed, they feel lost especially if they are young. They will start having trust issues especially with you and eventually lose their respect for you because your promises are not followed by actions

When making promises, just make promises you can keep. This doesn’t mean that you should avid promising things. Parents who avoid making promises can make their kids not feel confident enough to take any risks. Promises make children believe that there is someone they can rely on, someone who will make things happen to support them

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