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Benefits Of Breast feeding your baby for 6 Months without other food.

The recommended period for breast feeding your baby after delivery is six months without any other food. This is the period when the baby's internal organs are undergoing development. So any solid food would be harmful to them.

For the mother to be in a position to produce enough milk for the baby, she should eat a good diet. Foods that enhance milk production in mothers include:-

1.Food rich in proteins like chicken meat and eggs.

2.Carbohydrates like rice.

3.Greens like spinach and kales

4.Fruits like pawpaws.

These are some of the benefits of breast feeding your baby for six months.

a)Boosts immunity.

Breast milk helps your babe build a strong immune system to be able to fight diseases that may be a threat to infants. Even in future the baby will never much issues related to diseases because his/her immunity will have a strong foundation.

b)Lower chances of obesity.

It is more likely for a baby to gain more weight when feeding on infant formula than when feeding on breast milk. The nutrients the baby gains from the milk helps him/she grow well.

c)Enhances growth of strong bones.

The iron and calcium present in the milk is good for growth of strong bones. There will be no cases of weak bones that are associated to lower calcium contents in the body.

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