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Pregnancy period

3 important key features couples should know by the last week of pregnancy that can save their child

Do you know that if you visit your doctor for an ultrasound in your last week of your pregnancy can greatly save your child's life from even future disability?

Here are the three main reasons why you should visit your radiologist.

1.To check out the child's kilos.

Do you know that if your child is above 4.5kg your gynaecologist can schedule a c/s which can save your childs life from being born with birth asphyxia thus saving him from fire disabilities? Yes it's possible. In the case of birth asphyxia a child is tired this does not cry leading to lack of oxygen in the brain thus a brain damage.

2. To check your childs position.

Many babies tend not to turn which can be very dangerous during birth. Some have umbilical cord around their necks which may smangle them during birth. This can only be saved by by attending an ultrasound scan just before birth.

3. Possible meconium aspiration.

Most children born today with disability are as a result of inhaling meconium. This is a newborns first poop. If passed while the baby is still in the uterus, he may inhale it into the lungs causing a problem known as meconium aspiration syndrome which can be fatal or life threatening. It is very important to visit your radiologist/ gynaecologist near you.

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