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Bad News To All Parents Who Like Buying Sweets To Children As The Experts Reveals New Details

In our country, there are many children who are below 7 years. Many children like eating biscuits, cakes and sweets. Furthermore, their parents and relatives like buying these products to their children as gifts.

According to the source, new reports have emerge about sweets. The experts have revealed that, parents should reduce these behaviours of buying sweets to their children because they cause cavities. Furthermore, it has been reported that, these sweets can cause a long term effects to children. Parents are encouraged by the experts to avoid sugary foods and make sure their children brush their teeth at least twice every day. This will help to improve oral hygiene and reduce bad smell from the mouth. Furthermore, children should eat hard food like pears and sugarcane to make their teeth strong This comes in after many people have been complaining about cavities in the country. Let us follow experts guidelines and reduce cavities.

Furthermore, remember to sanitize and take Covid-19 jabs.

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