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My Husband Burnt All My Children To Ashes Because One Was Disabled And From Another Father

Eunice a first born in a family of six narrates her sad story of loosing all her kids at a go.Eunice was born ni kahura forest where they later moved to Nanyuki. Her parents marriage was not really one to talk about or emulate. It was full of chaos.

There was wrangles every now and then and the mother decided to go back to her parents. Eunice felt the void and she decided to follow her mother. She packed her bags and was ready to leave. Only for her father to find her bags at the door step.

He called for the young sister who she asked about the bags.she said it was her sister who was leaving she was asked to get get a stick but what she brought was terrifying "a big rod". The father punished her big sister till her head was swollen.

She managed to escape to her grandmother's after screaming for help. When her mum and grandmother saw her they were all perplexed her head was all swollen the mother mentioned that as a police case and she said that the father had to face the law.

This was later forgotten after Eunice received some first aid from the mother and the swelling went away. Going to school became a problem for Eunice due to lack of funds. .Her aunt got her a job as a househelp.

The brother to Eunice brought their cousin to where Eunice worked. She promised to increase her salary when she followed her to Meru and worked for her. Eunice left her Househelp work and went to Meru with the cousin.when she got there everything was different.

The cousin wasn't paying her even her rightful wages leave alone giving her additional wages.she could at times deny her food too. Her mother came for her but Eunice refused to go back home since there was also trouble at home.

One day her cousin threw her out and gave her some fifty shilling which could not even get her home.she stayed on the roadside until some man came and picked her.she slept at his place and she later discovered that she was pregnant.she went back to her cousin and after few days her aunty "the cousins mother" asked her to go home with her.

She accepted and they left. She found a job but she was unable to work due to the pregnancy .Eunice went back home where she tried to hide the pregnancy but the mother discovered.she later gave birth to a baby boy who was not to be named after Eunice father but after the uncle they lived with.

It happened and life went day Eunice met her father on the streets. He asked the babies name, when he had it was not his he kept quiet and left. Eunice and her cousin opened a hotel business.Here Eunice is involved with a man and she later get pregnant again.

She went back to her uncle's place where she worked and was mistreated .one day an old man comes in and asks for Eunice's hand in marriage. Eunice gave in and they went the first born was left with the grandmother as per wish.They took only the second born with them.

Marriage became tough and it was all misery. The husband's sister buys a land and they are given an acre where they built a little house.After a while the sisters took Eunice's son to the mother . This son was disabled due to the struggles during birth.

When the husband arrived in the evening he found the first born son home and he was not happy since he was disabled. One day he came home and fought Eunice .she jumped outside to run for her life. She sheltered at a neighbours place.

The neighbours sent for the husband so that they could solve issues. He claimed to have left the kids asleep. After some time Eunice noticed some heavy smoke he asked where it was coming from and the man responded " it could be from our place.

Eunice ran and she found out that all her children were burnt to ashes.Nothing was saved every single thing burnt to ashes . Eunice seeks justice since the case was assumed and no one helps her since she does not have bribe money.

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