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8 Clever Tricks That May Change Your Life As A Parent

Today I'm sharing these tips because I know that as a parents, hacks to make things easier for you and your kids can be life-savers.

How to avoid pacifiers getting on the floor.If you're tired of your kid dropping their pacifier on the floor, and it’s getting dirty, just tie the pacifier to a balloon, so when they want to get rid of it, it will float up in the air instead.

Avoiding dirty clothes while drawingUse a paper bag as an apron when your child is doing art. Instead of drawing on their clothes, they are wearing something then can make a mess on and which can become its own work of art.

How to create safe and edible paintsMake edible paints to allow your child to play safely. By mixing sweets and water, you can make easy and edible watercolor paints that your child can make art with and taste.

Getting your kids to eat healthy snacks.If your child wants candy as a snack instead of fruit, you can try this trick. Try wrapping small fruit like grapes in candy wrappers and giving them to your child. They will think they’re getting sweets and will happily eat healthier snacks.

Undoing hairstyles without waking your child upYou should use lemon essential oil to melt through hair elastics. This is really useful if you need to take out a hairstyle without waking up a sleepy child.

How to keep your baby safe on a chair.You can use mom or dad’s t-shirt as a tool to keep babies still and safe when sitting on adult chairs. Simply put the shirt over the back of the chair and your child, and it makes dinner time so much less stressful.

Keeping their fingers cleanThis simple trick can combat dirty fingers and mess from snacks like ice creams. All you have to do is put a cupcake case on the stick under the ice cream to catch any drips or mess and save yourself from a lot of handwashing.

How to get your kid to drink healthy drinks.Get your children to drink their water or milk with this trick. Hide their drink behind something they like, such as watermelon, and put the straw through it. They will drink if they think it’s their favorite food or drink.

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