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The Lady Who Wants To Buy Sperm Worth 80k

The recently trending news from tuko kenya news is that a lady named Pierra Peculiar from LGBT community (LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), wants to buy sperms from a serious sperm donor and will be will to do the payment worth eighty thousand Kenyan shillings (80k).

She was captured on a quote on the social media(Twitter) saying that she would give half of the money that is 40k once she have been given the sperm, and after she would give the remaining amount once she have confirmed that fertilization of the sperm have occurred.

She still added some of the qualifications to be a successful donor, must be a Kenyan either a Massai, Kamba, Luo or Meru, still you can have an added advantage if your backyard have a history of twins. This are some of the funny Twitter replies to this schoking news: 1 I can't waste my sperms😂, 2 I can give her for free 😂. Add you funny reply.

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Kamba Kenyan Luo Massai Meru


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