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How To Bring Child's Temperature Down With High Fever

Beyond calling the doctor and offering over-the-counter medication to your child, there are a few other ways to help reduce their high temperature.

Try a sponge bath. Use water that is lukewarm.

Avoid rubbing alcohol, cold water, and ice.

Instead of piling on blankets, make sure your child is resting at a comfortable temperature and is dressed lightly.

Watch out for dehydration symptoms.

If your infant’s diaper is dry, has a dry tongue or mouth, or is feeding poorly, call a health-care professional immediately or go to the nearest emergency room.

For older children showing signs of dehydration such as not urinating frequently enough, not drinking well, or acting abnormally, call the pediatrician.

Some situations are even more serious, and require an immediate trip to the emergency room. Go to the emergency room if your child has difficulty breathing, seems very sick, will not to eat or drink, shows signs of a rash, or anytime you are concerned.

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