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How A Young Girl Was Lured With Just Ksh.50 And Ended Up Getting Pregnant

In the current society, many young girls are being lured by men in exchange for their bodies. Some end up misusing their bodies without knowing the danger that awaits them. Whom should they blame? Parents, teachers, themselves or the men?

A young girl from Kibra has narrated how she was lured with just Ksh.50 to buy 'githeri' then ended up finding herself pregnant. She however gave birth recently despite not part of her plan. How inhumane men have become? The man who made her pregnant disappeared and the young child is now raising her child and lives with her grandmother for support.

To girls, where did self control go? Why and how can you exchange your body for money? Nobody it's in control of another person's body and therefore it's the responsibility of everyone to take care of himself or herself for safety. To parents, let's take care of our children since their future depends on what they are doing now. To men, let's help girls instead of misusing them.

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