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Pregnancy period

4 Interesting Things Men Love About Pregnant Women

Pregnancy makes women glow. Studies have shown that there are men who feel sexually attracted to pregnant women. Have you ever wondered why your partner becomes excited whenever he realizes you are pregnant again? Well, the reasons for excitement vary from one man to another. According to Pregnancy by Gordon Bourne and Malcolm Gillard, most men respect pregnant women because they are a source of life. Here are five interesting things men love about pregnant women.

 1. Belly 

Many pregnant women feel like everyone around them secretly laughs at them for being fat, which is not the case. It is interesting to note that men love pregnant women. It is common for men to gently rub their wives’ bellies during pregnancy while cuddling them. Have you ever caught him staring at you on a regular basis? Well, that is a clear sign that he is attracted to you. Rest easy knowing that he loves your new look.

2. The Baby's Kicks

Men love feeling the kicks of the unborn kid. It is normal for women to feel the baby moving earlier than the man but the later gets excited about noting the movements. Men feel happy the first time they put their hands on a woman’s belly and realize that the child is moving. The kicks of the baby bring the pregnancy to a whole new level. There are chances that he will not want to remove his hands from your belly over and over.

3. He is "The Man"

Impregnating a woman is proof that the man is fertile. His friends will give him a high five while the workmates will also have something to say about the condition. Men feel happy to realize that they can bring forth children into the world after impregnating a woman.

4. Baby 

Studies have shown that most men love the baby growing in her mother’s belly. Men want to have families and they feel great whenever their wives become pregnant after months of trial. Most of them will keep telling their friends about the wives’ condition.

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